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Email: 你可以从你的Gmail中阅读新邮件。点击邮件标题能够阅读全文。有选项,你能基于发件人,收件人,标题,邮件中某些词,或不在邮件中的某些词,增加过滤防止某些邮件出现在工具条上。

News:自定义在浏览器或工具条上查看最近的新闻大标题, 点击新闻标题开始阅读详细的内容,并且如果你对某条无聊的新闻做标记,请点击详细内容中”不要让我看到这样的内容“的按钮,新闻面板将显示少量你不感兴趣的内容。

Weather: Keep track of weather forecasts for multiple locations. Click on a weather location to see more details about current conditions as well as the 4-day forecast in the details pane. In Options, you can add new locations, delete existing locations, view temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius, and change the order in which locations are displayed. When this panel is minimized, all weather locations are shown one after the other on a single line.

Photos: Watch a slideshow of photos from the web and from your computer. You can click on an image to see a larger view. In Options, you can add photos to the slideshow by selecting folders on your computer and RSS/Atom feeds from the web. Photos from RSS/Atom feeds on frequently visited web pages are also automatically added to the Photos panel by default. You can uncheck “Auto Add Photos from the Web” under the “Photos Online” tab to disable this feature. You can also manually add recent RSS/Atom feeds from sites you’ve visited. Finally, you can set how long each photo is displayed under the “Slideshow Speed” tab.

Stocks: Keep track of up-to-the-minute prices for your favorite stocks. The prices shown are the real-time prices (not 15 minutes delayed), if available. Click the stock’s ticker symbol to see the current price, point change, percent change, daily graph, recent news, and other information in the details pane. In Options, you can add, remove, and change the order in which individual stocks and indices are displayed. Stock prices that you frequently look up on the web will be automatically added to the Stocks panel, unless you choose to uncheck the “Automatically add stocks” checkbox. When minimized, all stock prices are shown one after the other on a single line.

Web Clips: Read RSS and Atom feeds from the web. Click on an item to read the entire clip’s content in the details pane. Feeds are generally updated every 30 minutes. In Options, you can manually add a feed by entering its URL, or select a recent feed to add by clicking the “Add Recent Clips” button. Feeds are automatically added based on the web pages you visit, unless you uncheck the “Automatically add commonly viewed clips” checkbox.

Scratch Pad: Type and save notes for yourself. The Scratch Pad is automatically saved with every letter that you type, so you don’t need to save it manually. It also includes options to save your notes to a file and clear the Scratch Pad entirely.

Quick View: Keep a list of frequently used web pages and files handy. Double-click an item to open it. You can also star items to move them to the top of the list, which will prevent them from disappearing as well. In Options, you can toggle between showing frequently-used items and recent items.

You can also download additional plug-ins, and developers can learn how to use the Sidebar APIs to write their own plug-ins.
Every panel also sports the following panel features:


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